Sunday, August 1, 2010

I won The Versatile Blogger Award!

I want to say thank you to Kelsey's Book Corner and Book Infinity for chosing me for this award! When you recieve this awesome award all you do is share 7 things about yourself, pass on this award along to another 15 deserving blogs.

My 7 things:

1. I have a twin brother. Yes. Nobody ever believes it, but I do. We don't live with each other but when he's being nice, we're pretty close.
2. I'm going to be a junior in High School this upcoming school year. I'm not excited. :-)
3. I watch tv all the time. I mean, too much to the point it's unhealthy. I remember in Helath class this past year, our teacher told us to raise our hand if we watched more than 4 hours of tv a day. And no one did! I know I do, and I didn't raise my hand either, but I was, like, embarassed or something. Is that normal, do ya think?
4. I have been a shoplifter before! I'm not really proud or ashamed of it. It is what it is, I guess. When I was smaller I took chapstick from the dollar store and I bought a Johnny Depp Rolling Stone bag from Wal-Mart that had 3 books in it, about $35 worth. And the cashier didn't even notice! If I was a good citizenI would've let the guy know, but I didn't. Oh well. Sue me. Oh wait, I guess they could if they found out...
5. I love to cook. My mom doesn't really have the resources to buy me all the ingredients to make a lot of dishes I'd like to, but any chance I get...If you're not a vegetarian, you need to try this recipe by Tyler Florence!
6. I'm very lazy. That's why I didn't get into the KEY Club at my school. And I live right across the street! So this summer I told myself I'd do something. But I didn't. I've been trying to find a job also, but in this's hard.
7. I believe that my brother and I are the reincarnation of Kurt Cobain. I know, sounds crazy. But the day he died, the exact day and year, was when we were born. I always thought he was so great he had to be reincarnated as 2 people instead of 1.

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  1. I just so happen to think you ROCK. Thank you!

  2. Aww thanks for nominating me!! You are too sweet! I am definitely not too cool for anything, lol. Of course right now I am taking a bit of a break from blogging to write, but I will try to post my 7 things at some point :)


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