Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another Hunger Games Discussion

I know I've written a post about this before but what incited this discussuion is a contest at SciFuyGuy, as part of the 13 District YA Blog Tour. In order to win that awesome blanket you have to commment telling them who's your favorite character in The Hunger Games. And someone said Gale......why??? I do respect other peoples' opinions, but I don't understand the whole Peeta vs. Gale thing. I mean, Gale is hardly in the first book, and in the second book Katniss shows no intimate feelings towards him. In fact, she realizes she wants to be with Peeta!! I understand how people would like Gale for themselves(much like I want Jacob for myselves, Team Jacob!!!) but I don't see how people can defend his and Katniss' relationship as romantic. Do I need to be enlightened? Am I missing something??

I am so obviously:

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