Friday, January 25, 2013

If Anyone Watches The Vampire Diaires...

I have a personal blog that only I can see, but I thought this post would see more use on here.

On tonight's episode, I identified with Rebekah. I realized I'm a lot like her in my situation with my friend. Without explaining the whole, long, sad, complicated story, there's a guy I really, really like and he's in love with another girl. We've been together but never officially.

Rebekah is obsessed with Stefan, having been hurt by so many people. She hates the he's in love with Elena still, just like this guy I like is in love with this girl I've never met (thank god my situation is different in that aspect). She even tries to just be friends with him, while slipping in some bitchiness at the same time.

She is me.

Besides the crazy vampire stuff. Although I'd love to live in a world with Damon. ❤