Friday, September 24, 2010

I feel like the worst person EVER!

If anyone's notcied-hopefully someone has-I've been absent of late. Always wanted to say that, by the way. I won't have internet at home until stupid, evil October! It really sucks because just when I start getting into the hang of this blogging thing, school starts and I have to go back home. :-(

I'm sure you'd think: If you haven't been blogging you must have been reading right?
Answer: No. I know it's bad but I'm taking an AP class this year and even if I weren't school and my life at home is so much right now. And I'm looking for a job. And obsessing with boys, so there's no time.

Hopefully things will pick back up around October/November but I'm going to still try to post as much as I can! The first thing I did when I got to this computer was go on Blogger, see my dedication?

Yeah right, I know.