Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vampre Academy Movie Official!

I gathered this awesome knowledge HERE from Tynga.

As you may have heard, Vampire Academy has been optioned for film and has a producer and I and millions of others (I think) are ecstatic. While this is a very slow process, there is now a Official Vampire Academy Movie facebook page created and maintained by Preger Entertainment, the company whom optioned for the movie, so this is the real thing!

There is no casting, filming, or script yet, but Preger Entertainment announced yesterday that “ The rumor is true, Don & I will taking our first meetings with some of the Studios starting tomorrow! We know that one of the big questions we will face is whether or not fans are ready for yet another Vampire saga. And while we all know that Vampire Academy has the potential to blow the other films out of the water - it's our job to now convince the Studios of this as well.”

And their facebook status from 15 hours ago said:
“Preger &  Murphy had THREE really great meetings today & the studios are excited! Better yet, they are watching our FB page very closely! So let's keep up the hard work and make some noise for tomorrow's meetings! Congrats everyone :-)”

They said, about the facebook page: “This is a place where you can have your voice heard by the real Producers working on the project. The fact is, it was your voices that first got us interested in this project, and it will be your voices that will help us make it a reality!
So let us hear what you think! We’re all here for the same reason. We want this movie – and we want it done right!”

You can also read what Richelle had to say about all this good news HERE!
This is so cool! It's all official and everything! I personally thing VA will blow Twilight out of the water. Just because everyone is aware of vampires now, and even though the Twilight Saga is more popular than VA, I think more people will be happy with Rose. Bella is criticized as being a bad symbol for girls, but Rose is a strong heroine. Besides the cursing, Rose is the almost-perfect role model.

Giveaway for the coolest bookshelf I've ever seen!

Not that I've seen too many odd bookshelves but this one is pretty cool. Don't you think??

You can enter HERE to win it!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Funny Clip from Dad Camp on Vh1

This is a clip from Dad Camp on Vh1 and I was laughing so hard when I saw it. These guys are hilarious.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie

Today, I saw Eclipse for the 2nd time. Yes, I reallly did. And I'm seeing it again. Sorry to the Twilight haters. And I do have to say, I really liked it. The acting of all the actors was 10x better and I really enjoyed getting see more from Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone, aka Rosalie and Jasper. Actually, I think learning more about them made the movie.

 What I Liked:
- Favorite line: "Just face it. I'm hotter than you."~ Jacob Black. I, and everyone else in the theater, started cracking up when he said this. Surprisingly, a lot of the movie was comical, which is a good thing considering the last 2 movies weren't very funny and light like they should've been at times.
- The beginning was very cool and exciting; and mXavier Samuel is really hot in the movie.
- One thing I noticed was that, to me anyway, Robert Pattinson looked like John Travolta half of the movie!!! An older, Grease version.
- The screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, did a good job of keeping the move true to the book. Barely anything was changed.
- I do have to say, the relatonship between all the characters, especially Charlie and Bella and her mother seemed a lot more real and developed.

What I Disliked:
- I liked the whole scary-thriller-fighting aura this movie had, but it seemed really fake when part of Riley's arm was ripped off and you saw this oddly shaped white thing that was supposedly his arm that stayed attached.
- First off, this really annoys me. I first saw the clip at the MTV Movie Awards and was really shocked. It's when Jacob comes to Bella's school and learns about Victoria. Edward would NEVER let Bella go off with Jacob on his motorcycle without his permission. That scene just baffled me...
- The one scene that was changed is when Charlie learns of the tickets from Carlisle and Esme for her and Edward to go see her mother in Florida. Charlies and Bella are supposed to be mad but...that doesn't happen. The reason it bothers me so much is because just about every scene with Charlie in all 3 movies portrays him as being sarcastic and letting things go. But that's not how it happens in the books. Just so it's known, I'm a huge fan of Billy Burke!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Random Complaints and Amazements

Just about everyday I get annoyed, angry, upset, happy, or even amazed at things I notice. Some stupid things and some things a lot of people must notice. Here's mine from this past week:

1. I really don't mean to criticize parenst, because they have the right to choose the way they raise their kids, but I hate it when you see a mom who's yelling at her kids, no matter what age, right in public. It's like, really? I get that you don't care what people think(my mom's the same way) but at least show some respect for the people who have to witness it. It really does make most people uncomfortable.

2. I absolutely hate it when people say they're going to do something but don't. For example, I gave my dad 3 ARC of books from a bookstore in town that HAVE to be returned. I gave them to him because he promised he would take them back that week because if he didn't, I would have to wait another 2 weeks- when some other book obsessed teenager could be reading the books. Well, when I came to his house, there they were sitting on the dining room table. I complained to my gram who said I shouldn't be hard on him because he has a busy week. It's not that he didn't do it! It's the fact that he said he would and he didn't!!! On the opposite end, my mother never gives a straight answer. EVER.

1. My dad, brother and I were driving to Connecticut in a rented car to visit family and as I was looking at my reflection in the side mirror, no btw, i'm not conceited, the mirror just moved. I had no freakin' idea side mirrors could do that! And my dad did it from the steering wheel!

2. While visiting my aunt in CT, I went to the local mall, and WOW. I though mine was great compared to the awful ones in New Jersey I've been to, but it was definetely put to shame. This one had a COACH store, some really expensive clothing stores, GODIVA(!!!!!!!), and my favorite- a Waldenbooks. I wish I had my camera to take a pic because i've never seen one before. It was a pretty cool day.

I guess it was a good week because I didn't have too many. :-)

Bree Despain Book Bag Giveaway!

OK. So this giveaway is so awesome I decided I had to create a whole post dedicated to it. The awesome author of The Dark Divine, Bree Despain, is holding a giveaway to celebrate the new TDD trailer. It's pretty cool, btw. If you don't believe me, here it is:

It's Bree's Book-Bag Blowout!

She has MANY books and lots are signed. Some are highly coveted advanced copies. All are fabulous. One very very lucky person may even win a signed advanced copy of THE LOST SAINT; the sequel to THE DARK DIVINE.~crossing fingers~
The goal is to share her new book trailer with as many people as possible- which we can do.

Here's what we do:

1. Start by sharing links to the TDD trailer and telling your friends about this contest. You can embed the youtube video on your own website/blog/facebook etc. or simply send people a link to this post. Youtube will track how many views the video gets.

2. For every 500 views the trailer gets in the next 2 weeks, she will add a book to the book-bag. (Up to 5500 views.)

3. Up to 3000 views, the winner of the book-bag can choose books from Group A. (Scroll down to see all the books the winner can choose from in Group A.)

4. After 3000 views, and up to 5000 views, the winner can choose books from both Group A and Group B. (Scroll down to see all the books the winner can choose from in Group B.)

5. After 5500 views, the winner of the book-bag will also get a signed ARC of THE LOST SAINT.

6. That makes 11 books total that the winner will receive. YAYYY!
7. But wait, that's not all! If by some huge push of awesomeness, the TDD trailer manages to get 50,000 views in the next 2 weeks . . . the awesome Bree will put a brand new 16G Apple iPad in the book-bag for the winner!

8. You must provide proof of sharing the trailer  in the comments of Bree Despain's post from her blog. Leave a link to anything you do online so she can verify. You can share it in as many places possible, and enter as many times as you'd like. You will receive one entry into the contest for each time you share the trailer. You will receive bonus entries for telling people about the contest, and another bonus entry for being a follower of the blog.

9. Please be honest. The point of this contest is to share the trailer with as many people possible. I know you'll want to watch it more than once . . .who wouldn't? . . . but please don't try to play it a hundred times yourself just to up the view count. Youtube will actually freeze the view count if too many views are coming from the same IP address--so cheating will actually impair the contest, rather than help.

10. The contest runs between June 30th until 11:59pm on July 14th, 2010. The winner will be announced on July 15th

Group A
Dead Beautiful by Yvonne Woon (ARC)

Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins (Hardcover)
Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce (Hardcover)
Wolves, Boys, and Other Things That Might Kill Me by Kristen Chandler (Hardcopy)
The Princess and The Snowbird by Mette Ivie Harrison (Hardcopy)
Palace Beautiful by Sarah DeFord Williams (Hardcopy)
Princess For Hire by Lindsey Leavitt (Hardcopy)
Jungle Crossing by Sydney Salter (Hardcopy)
Plain Kate by Erin Bow (ARC)
The Absolute Value of -1 by Steve Brezenoff (Hardcopy)
The Maze Runner by James Dashner (Hardcopy)
Here, There Be Dragons by James A. Owen (Paperback)
The Indigo King by James A. Owen (Hardcopy)
The Darkness Under The Water by Beth Kanell (Hardcopy)
The Cinderella Society by Kay Cassidy (ARC)
The Invisible Order by Paul Crilley (ARC)
Food, Girls, and Other Things I Can't Have by Allen Zadoff (ARC)
Scones and Sensibility by Lindsay Eland (ARC)
Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Okler (Paperback)
Beastly by Alex Flinn (Paperback)
Things I Know About Love by Kate Le Vann (Hardcover)
The Boy Who Could Fly by James Norcliffe (Hardcopy)
The Only Alien On The Planet by Kristen D. Randle (Paperback)

Group B

Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (ARC)
Torment by Laurn Kate (ARC)
Matched by Ally Condie (ARC)
The Duff by Kody Keplinger (ARC)