Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Movie

Today, I saw Eclipse for the 2nd time. Yes, I reallly did. And I'm seeing it again. Sorry to the Twilight haters. And I do have to say, I really liked it. The acting of all the actors was 10x better and I really enjoyed getting see more from Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone, aka Rosalie and Jasper. Actually, I think learning more about them made the movie.

 What I Liked:
- Favorite line: "Just face it. I'm hotter than you."~ Jacob Black. I, and everyone else in the theater, started cracking up when he said this. Surprisingly, a lot of the movie was comical, which is a good thing considering the last 2 movies weren't very funny and light like they should've been at times.
- The beginning was very cool and exciting; and mXavier Samuel is really hot in the movie.
- One thing I noticed was that, to me anyway, Robert Pattinson looked like John Travolta half of the movie!!! An older, Grease version.
- The screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg, did a good job of keeping the move true to the book. Barely anything was changed.
- I do have to say, the relatonship between all the characters, especially Charlie and Bella and her mother seemed a lot more real and developed.

What I Disliked:
- I liked the whole scary-thriller-fighting aura this movie had, but it seemed really fake when part of Riley's arm was ripped off and you saw this oddly shaped white thing that was supposedly his arm that stayed attached.
- First off, this really annoys me. I first saw the clip at the MTV Movie Awards and was really shocked. It's when Jacob comes to Bella's school and learns about Victoria. Edward would NEVER let Bella go off with Jacob on his motorcycle without his permission. That scene just baffled me...
- The one scene that was changed is when Charlie learns of the tickets from Carlisle and Esme for her and Edward to go see her mother in Florida. Charlies and Bella are supposed to be mad but...that doesn't happen. The reason it bothers me so much is because just about every scene with Charlie in all 3 movies portrays him as being sarcastic and letting things go. But that's not how it happens in the books. Just so it's known, I'm a huge fan of Billy Burke!

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