Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vampre Academy Movie Official!

I gathered this awesome knowledge HERE from Tynga.

As you may have heard, Vampire Academy has been optioned for film and has a producer and I and millions of others (I think) are ecstatic. While this is a very slow process, there is now a Official Vampire Academy Movie facebook page created and maintained by Preger Entertainment, the company whom optioned for the movie, so this is the real thing!

There is no casting, filming, or script yet, but Preger Entertainment announced yesterday that “ The rumor is true, Don & I will taking our first meetings with some of the Studios starting tomorrow! We know that one of the big questions we will face is whether or not fans are ready for yet another Vampire saga. And while we all know that Vampire Academy has the potential to blow the other films out of the water - it's our job to now convince the Studios of this as well.”

And their facebook status from 15 hours ago said:
“Preger &  Murphy had THREE really great meetings today & the studios are excited! Better yet, they are watching our FB page very closely! So let's keep up the hard work and make some noise for tomorrow's meetings! Congrats everyone :-)”

They said, about the facebook page: “This is a place where you can have your voice heard by the real Producers working on the project. The fact is, it was your voices that first got us interested in this project, and it will be your voices that will help us make it a reality!
So let us hear what you think! We’re all here for the same reason. We want this movie – and we want it done right!”

You can also read what Richelle had to say about all this good news HERE!
This is so cool! It's all official and everything! I personally thing VA will blow Twilight out of the water. Just because everyone is aware of vampires now, and even though the Twilight Saga is more popular than VA, I think more people will be happy with Rose. Bella is criticized as being a bad symbol for girls, but Rose is a strong heroine. Besides the cursing, Rose is the almost-perfect role model.

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