Friday, August 6, 2010

Non-Book Related

I've been staying with my Dad for over a week, and I have to go back home today. *sniffles* It's not only that I'll miss being over here-with free access to a tv in my OWN room and a laptop, what teen wouldn't love that?- but it means I have no guarantee when I'll have access to the internet! It sucks. I have to go back to my mom's apartment with my annoying, evil sister who I share a room with and spend the weekend probably doing nothing. Except, maybe, cleaning and packing. We're moving, but what can you really pack away when you still have almost 3 weeks to live in your apartment. Fun stuff, huh?

Ok, I'm trying to get over my surly mood with the fact that I'm going to see my smallest sister. She's 20 months and I'm so attacthed to her it's unhealthy. So I'll hang on to that fact and tyr really hard to bribe my mom to let me use the laptop. *fingers crossed*

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