Friday, July 30, 2010

Book Blogger Hop: July 30-August 2!!!

Book Blogger Hop

Go join this week's blog hop at Crazy For Books!! As we all know, the hop lasts from Friday to Monday and it's goal is to introduce new blogs and let them all interact with each other. This weeks question: WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE NEW-TO-YOU AUTHOR?

AH! This is a hard one....I'm gonna cheat a little here. My favorite debut author is Chevy Stevens! I was able to read her book Still Missing and loved it (my review). I also created a quiz on Goodreads for her book and she amazingly took it! Then she messaged me on Goodreads and we had a little mini-conversation. It was so totally awesome. She seems like a really cool perosn and is a great author! I can't wait for whatever she writes next!

My favorite new-to-me author would have to be Amanda Hocking. There is defintely more awesome authors but she's the first perosn I thought of and I loved her book Switched (my review). I cannot wait to read her My Blood Approves Series and the rest of her Trylle Series!


  1. You love Thrillers, yaaay. I can't wait to read Still Missing, the bookstore was sold out when I went to get it.

    New follower.

    My post for the Hop.

  2. Already follow. Just dropping by to wish you a wonderful weekend!

    Missy @ Missy's Reads & Reviews

  3. I haven't heard of Amanda Hocking before but Switched sounds really intriguing!

  4. Hey, I'm here from the hop! I'm a new follower too :D.
    Have a fantastic weekend and stop by my blog if you have time!


  5. I'm stopping by from the Hop. I'm a new follower. :D Love your blog!

  6. I'm hopping by! Sadly, I haven't heard of your new fave authors until now. :(
    I'll have to look them up...

    Have a good weekend!

    - Midnight

  7. Thank you! I'm so happy to hear you're enjoying my books so much! :)

  8. Stopping by to say Hi!
    I have picked you for the versatile blogger award...

  9. Hello, happy hopping today.

    I'm loving your blog and I'm becoming your newest follower.


  10. Thanks for the award and everyone for following my blog!

  11. Hi, I know I already stopped by, but I wanted to tell you that you won an award! Stop by my blog Book Infinity to recieve the Versatile Blogger Award!

  12. Hey just stopping by from the hop. Have a great weekend! I think I'll add Still Missing to my TBR, it sounds like a great book.

    Danielle @


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