Monday, December 20, 2010

Movievision Monday (2)

This is my new, second meme that was originally about all the lovely movies I watch. But then I wanted to also add tv shows too because it seems too repetitive to have movies one day and tv the other. So I might as well put it all together in one post!

Skins: I heard about this show on BBC when they had a promo for it. I had no idea what it was about but, hey, it has British teens so I may as well. After I watched the first episode on YouTube, I watched the rest of the season on Netflix-it's free! Now I'm on to the 2nd season and I couldn't be any more fufilled. I love this show! It's exactly the kind of show we need in the US but I'm sure it wouldn't be alooud because it is kind of graphic and a little inappropriate.

Deadly Women: I'm addicted to this show and it's host station, ID, in general. Iit's so great but you kind of go a little crazy if you watch it all day-like I can't help but do some days. It's basically a crime show that showcases women who've murdered or raped or done something criminal. And the part I like best is they reenact the person's life but don't show the crime. And they also don't show the real person's or the victim's face. Which is great because then you feel a little less like it's real.

Edge Of Darkness: I honestly didn't want to watch this movie because it seemed like a rip-off of Taken with the wonderful Liam Neeson. But I realized it was very different from it but that doesn't mean I liked it. I though Mel did an alright acting job but I didn't believe what he was putting off. The story was pretty good- a father finding out about his daughter's life after she's killed while she's visiting him. Just something about this movie turned me off. Could it be his real life? Maybe.  

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