Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Discussion Wednesday

I created this weekly meme because although I love reviewing books, when I write my reviews I can't write all that I want because it would be spoilery. So the point of this meme is to be able to talk about the books I've reviewed during the week in the comments. I'm really excited for this! I hope this catches on, so if you can help me advertise this, that'd be great. Thanks in advance!

This week's books: Torn by Amanda Hocking, Nightshade by Andrea Cremer, Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder

First, I want to talk about Torn by Amanda Hocking.
Finn: How many of you were sad at the end of Switched? Were you thinking, why did Finn have to leave? Why can't they just be together???!? Well, I know I was thinking that. So I was so excited when Finn came back into the story almost immediately in Torn! And when they had that moment in her bedroom...sigh. It was great. When Finn was positioned back into the palace after the arrival of Loki, I thought he would be all over Wendy, but alas, he wasn't. I undertood why but a girl reading the book can hope. Then things changed when Wendy becomes engaged. Like Wendy, I was so frustrated that he was all hunky dory about her being with Tove and didn't even act jealous.Then the emotions and hormones were running on high speed and they both just broke. I though it was a great, hot, very well-written scene. And his stupid father had to interupt! Stupid stupid stupid! How can he say anything about making out with a royal!?

Rhys and Matt: The brothers. It was weird how Matt's kind of focused on Wendy and ignoring Rhys but then, when Wendy really does need his help, he's trancing around with Rhys and Willa. It just seemed to me that relationship was falling a little flat. But I did love that they met, and were getting along. And even though it's weird, I'm glad Matt's with Willa.

Wendy: I've always liked Wendy and this book made me like her more. She's the first female character in a YA novel that I actually believe could be real because her actions are real and not just written into the book to further the story.

The King and Queen: They didn't seem like the normal royalty but I think that's part of their charm. I only had one kind of problem with the King--he was so relaxed. It was hard for me to believe anythign anyone was telling Wendy. I feel like they got away too easily and that there was this big thing in the beginning of the book and then nothing happening at the end. The author could be doing that on purpose though.


Now Nightshade by Andrea Cremer.

Calla: I think Calla is a great character! She's sassy but sensitive and I think she's really smart. She's a cross between Rose from VA Series and Bella from Twilight. I loved the whole story and a lot of the scenes in the book were pretty steamy, i.e. the club scene and the scene in the bathroom. Was anyone else disappointed when the nurse interrupted and that Calla and Shay didn't have enough time to finish that bedroom scene...?

Ren and Shay: Both sexy and smart. But I always, for some weird reason, love the underdog. This time that means I'm Team Ren just like I'm Team Jacob.

Ending: I can't believe all that shtuff happened! I can't believe she left Ren and he let her leave! I can't believe we all have to wait for another book!


Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder.

So so sad. I was happy the book started after most of the grieving was going on. I think it would've been too much to read if we had to read through all those emotions. I know I was so emotional and thinking about what I'd do if that happened to me and I can't even imagine it. I knew from reading the description that Brooklyn and Gabe would end up together but I didn't think about the process they would have to go through to get there. I thought the ending was happy and very hopeful and I can't wait to read more of Lisa!


Lastly, my mini-reviews!

The Sky is Everywhere: A French guy named Joe? That's all I have to say...

Tell Me A Secet: Like I said in my review, it's not what I was expecting. I think the buzz and the blurb on the book is a little misleading but it's still a great book.

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  1. Sounds like a cool idea! I like it!

    Nightshade was phenom. That ending was super dramatic. She was all locked in that room! Wolfsbane is going to be the shiz!


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