Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How To Ruin Series by Simone Elkeles Review

I just saw a review at Cem's Book Hideout and remembered how much I loved this series: My favorite of Simone Elkeles' books. These books are so amusing and fun. I'm gonna skip the Goodreads description and just do it myself this time.

Amy Nelson is an American teenager with an Israeli father and a blond mother. She hasn't seen her father in years but now that her grandmother in Israel, that she didn't know existed, is sick, he wants to drag her all he way to Israel for the summer! As if she wants to go to the war country! But she's forced to go and doesn't expect to mature and find out more about herself and her cultural background.

Amy kinda reminds me of Cher in Clueless. She's a spoiled, brand-obsessed American teen who doesn't like getting down and dirty to do work. Nonetheless, I love her. She's hilarous--so funny that she sometimes is so naive I cringe while I'm reading. Not only is this story about love, family, and adventure, it's also about culture. I loved learning about Israel and the Jewish culture. I recommend this series to everyone!!!

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