Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

Top 10 authors who deserve more recognition:

  1. Laura Whitcomb- A Certain Slant of Light is one of my top 10 favorite books of all time and I never hear much about this author or any of her books!
  2. Chevy Stevens- Still Missing was such an emotional book and it's not Stevens' only book! She's also very nice and when I made a quiz for the book on Goodreads she was nice enough to comment and even message me!
  3. MaryJanice Davidson- Definitely more well-known among paranormal romance readers but I haven't read many series that are this long and this funny. She has many other series that I love too. And I love her addiction to shoes, as a fellow addict haha!
  4. Amanda Hocking- She started off as an indie author and I received and bought her Trylle trilogy for reviewing. I loved the series and she was also very active with her readers and their concerns for her turning to a big publisher.
  5. Tara Kelly- I remember Harmonic Feedback having a big following for a few week son the blogosphere but then not much on her second book. And a lot of my friends/family have never heard of the book or seen it displayed much in bookstores.
  6. Lili St. Crow- Her books are read by a lot of people but I think they're overshadowed by a lot of more popular series when I think St. Crow is a phenomenal writer.
  7. R.A. Nelson- I think Nelson is also overshadowed by other authors who reach a broader audience, but his novels, like Teach Me and Breathe My Name, have real substance and I think a deeper connection with the characters.
  8. Beth Fantaskey- Her Jessica series is a very fun, guilty pleasure. Unlike other vampire series that are meant to be cute and/or funny, Fantaskey isn't that cheesy and I don't roll my eyes with every turn of the page.
  9. Gabrielle Zevin- Memoirs and Elsewhere are two very good books that even I admit go under my own radar.
  10. Leav Lang- First noticed her on Tumblr, where her text posts and poetry are loved and reblogged in the hundreds of thousands. She just published her first collect of poems, Love and Misadventures, and I hope everyone falls in love with her writing too!


  1. I completely agree with many of the authors you've listed! Lilli St. Crow IS a phenomenal author! And Amanda Hocking too~

  2. Yes! A Certain Slant of Light is phenomenal. I mentioned R. A. Nelson in my post simply because of Teach Me. I feel slightly uncomfortable admitting a book about a student/teacher relationship is one of my favorites, but it really is so well written and the complexity of the relationship is thoroughly explored unlike the one in Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson's Gone. I bought my sister Breathe My Name for her birthday a few years ago, but I haven't read it yet. I have been dying to read Zevin's Elsewhere. The cover always catches my attention.

    Great list!

    1. Teach Me is one of my favorites! And definitely surpassed Gone, which was a disappointment for me.


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