Thursday, July 18, 2013

Big Brother 15 (Week 3)

For anyone who doesn't follow me on Twitter I am a huge Big Brother fan. And week 3 of season 15 just ended and I have a lot to say!

Jeremy is finally gone. He was a huge threat to a lot of the players I liked and he also was arrogant. Even from his introduction I could tell but I still liked him; until he was an asshole to Helen and all the other have-nots after Aaryn had the idea to drink the wine and not wait until 12 with the rest of this house. Why would he protect her? And why did he have to bully everyone else? It wasn't necessary; like Helen said, he could have won if he came into the house as a nice guy, like he says he is.

Mostly, I'm so excited that America is this week's MVP! I'm tired of Elissa winning! And it's not because I don't like her, I do; her plan to create and all girls alliance on Day 1 was genius. I just don't like that she only wins because of "Brenchel" and not because she has the best game every week. I almost want her to go home so someone else can win; then we'd really know who America thought was doing the best.

Judd won HOH (which I predicted it would be him or Kaitlin before Jeremy even went home officially) and unless he nominates Aaryn as one of the nominees, I hope America votes her ass up on the block and Julie tells her it was America. I thought she was arrogant and disrespectful from the beginning but then she turned out to be racist also and there was no changing my opinion of her. It's evident too that the producers, with the disclaimer, and even Julie don't like her--she's made a few comments with a tilt to her voice. And it may be because her name is first in alphabetical order, but she was #1 on the list of people for America to vote as the third nominee by texting tonight.

Oh me, the showmances! They're everywhere. David and Aaryn's was kinda cute (only because I liked him) and GinaMarie and Nick's was almost non-existent to the viewer. She is one crazy woman for freaking out and crying like she did, dedicating everything she does to him, and creating a shrine on her dresser. Like, they know each other for a few weeks! You're in a game; do they think they'll live happily ever after in the game and have little BB babies and never have to go into the real world? It's so dumb how stupid they get.

Amanda and McCrae are an exception though. She seems to have her head on straight and is very smart and strategic. She's also hilarious and my favorite female on maybe all of the seasons. I think she could win if she didn't showcase it so much. She and McCrae are cute, weird, and funny without being mushy and alienating away from the house. But showmances are always trouble. Then again, Amanda doesn't really need the money.

Well this is all for now. I'll probably post again on Sunday night when we know who Judd puts up!

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