Sunday, December 12, 2010

Richelle Mead Signing!!!!

 December 8th. 2010. Something amazing happened. Richelle Mead came to Doylestown! I live about 15-20 minutes away and my dad, twin brother, and grandmother actually live in Doylestown so I was os freakin excited when I saw on Richelle's blog that she was coming to the Mercer Museum. I had such an awesome time. After the signing I took my friends to the best library ever, right across the street!, the Doylestown Library. It was probably one of the best nights of my teen life-so far, at least. :-)

The wonderful, gorgeous Mercer Museum where I took my 5th Grade Field Trip and the signing was alos held. It was hosted by The Doylestown Bookshop. A place I frequently shop at and love!

I was having such a good time tlaking to Richelle. I asked her what Team she was on- Adrian or Dmirtri- and she told me I ahd to finish the book to know. I asked her how she felt about my friend and I, and other teens, who read her adult series. She told me, and I love this because most adults don't agree, that she read mature books as a teen and it's fine with her. How cool is that??? But then as soon as we got the picture-taking time, I got so nervous that I couldn;t smile or else I probably would've passed out! :-P

very nice pic of me I think.....yh right...

This really cool lady was stationed at a table giving people temporary tattoss; and surprisingly, there was no one going to the table. SO I dragged my friend up there wiht me and we got some tats!! Here's the molijna mark and then the VA sign on my hand!

Richelle read a great excerpt, not that any would be bad, and she had us all laughing. She's so funny and personable and I love her midwestern accent! We could also ask questions and I think we had some really great ones. Richelle enlightened us about the VA movie. She said authors don't usually get much input in the productions of the movies but she trusts the company who she sold the rights to. She also said just because thye were bought, it doesn't mean that it will actually be made into a movie. It's just a possibility. We also found out, and it's true!, that the 3rd book in all her series are always the most emotional. I ahd a ton of fun there!

Waiting in a long line. Although, because I pre-ordered my book with The Doylestown Bookshop I got a bracelet that let me into the room early, where I got a 4th row seat, and got to get in line early also. Condidering there were at least 8-9 rows and people standing up all around the room, I wasn't in a bad spot!
My wonderful signed book! We were allowed 3 signed books and 1 that could be personalized.
The awesome, cool, funny, amazing, I wish I was friends with her lady who did the tattoos gave us a whole pack of them! How nice of her?? It was just an amazing night!
If I can get Richelle Mead to read this, I would be so happy! Because in all my excitement I forgot to ask her a queston: Does she think the girl on the original Vampire Academy novel looks like Angelina Jolie? Is it Angelina Jolie?

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