Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yay for PA!

I was just doing my daily thing, you know, reading Stephanie Kuehnert's awesome blog, Life, Words, & Rock 'n' Roll. And as I got to the end of the post I saw that Harmony from Harmony Book Reviews has organized an event in West Chester. The PAYA Event to bring YA to fame in good 'ol Pennsylvania. So awesome because I live in PA! About 45 mins. away from the event! If I don't go...well, I'll be able to blame one of my parenst for not driving me, but still! I'll be really upset. *setting plans in motion*


  1. Man, I was just in PA for vacation. Blah..why couldn't the have put it together previously.

    Sooo jealous!

  2. hope you get to go! i'm sure there'll be some fun YA book talk. maybe free books :-D

  3. PA for vacation....? Lol. I hope they'll be some free stuff too- everybody loves free stuff!


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