Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Discussion Wednesday (3)

This meme, created by moi, is for the purpose of discussing the books I've reviewed in the past week because I can't be spoilery in my reviews if one of my followers hasn't read it yet. So here's my solution!! You can leave comments and subscribe to them if you want to join in on the discussion :-)
This week, the only book I reviewed was The Hunted of 2060 by Ami Blackwelder--I blame it on my teachers for prepping us for the PSSAs. God, I hate those...
April and Robert: I loved the idea of them as a couple but their relationship never transferred to through the pages. First, and this is the biggie, at the end when April finds out she's pregnant I had no thought of who could be the father because she and Robert never had sex, so who else could it be? But apparently, they did have sex because Robert thought he was the father. WHEN DOES IT SAY ANYWHERE IN THE BOOK THAT THEY DO ANYTHING OTHER THAN KISSING??? And they barely kiss at all! I just thought their relationship wasn't correctly portrayed. It's not just about the words the character speaks and how they say they feel, but what they do. And April shows barely any affection towards Robert. Another reason I favored Arken.

Plot: Very original but it was not written very well. At some times, it was nicelt paced, but at others it was really fast. It was hard to believe all of it was going on and hard to keep up with it. I also liked the idea of everything in the plot twists but it just wasn't presented well. :-(

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