Friday, November 26, 2010

Book Blogger Hop: November 26-29!!!

Book Blogger Hop

I haven't done a Blog Hop in so long! You can join in the fun over at Crazy For Books!

This week's question is: WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE BOOK COVER?
Wow, this is a hard one but today I was browsing around on Goodreads and saw a gorgeous cover:
The font is beautiful, I love the water and the lightning in the distance, and the girl is HOT! I know, you can't see her face but a heterosexual teen girl can dream...

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  1. Hi there. I am a new follower from the hop. I read a lot of romance so my favourite covers usually have a hot man embracing the woman of his dreams! We all have our preferences, don't we!? Happy blogging and come and visit me at


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