Monday, August 16, 2010

30 Days of Insight Day 13

I actually remembered today! Yay!

Day 13- A memory that never fails to make you laugh.

So this is hard to explain but I'll do my best. I was in 8th grade and my 2 best friends and I were walking to an assembly. We went a different way than the rest of our class. So, our middle school has 4 levels and we were on the 4th-ish level so we had to walk to down the stairs. Remember: we were on level 4 and had walk to level 2!! At this time, my one friend and I were annoyed with the other friend. So, as we got to the 2nd level, our friend was talking to us. Except, she kept walking down the stairs. It was hilarious because we just looked at her hopping down the stairs, all happy thinking we were listening to her. It was the funniest thing EVER! When she realized it-I'm guessing she heard our laughter-she came back upstairs and we all fell to the floor laughing. We still bring it up to this day. You just had to be there. Believe me, it sounds way better in person.

I have to tell this other story. It's my 2nd funniest one. A few years ago, my 10 year old cousin, was helping everyone take out the trash. It was late at night so it was dark out. She was half-running through the grass to the trash bin for our apartment when she hit a tree! I know it's sounds mean to laugh at her, but picture someone running slowly with a trash bag in their hand, late at night, running into a tree and their head slinging back and them falling to the ground. I'm laughing right now just thinking about it.

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