Thursday, March 3, 2011

Question Thursday (5)

So happy I'm getting back into doing these again!! So, this week's question: Do you giveaway your own books? Do you find it hard to recieve a book for review and then give it up?

I have to admit, I'm a book whore. I hate sharing books and hate lending mine to friends because I like to keep mine looking as new as possible. So when I get a book for review I honestly want to give it away to a fellow reader, but once I really think about it and am planning it I start feeling really sad. And it's just a damn book too!! But books are just so pretty and smell great and...I love seeing them on my bookshelf <3

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  1. I used to feel like that too but books are meant to be read. I'd rather lend a book to a friend and be able to talk about it with them than let it sit on a shelf gathering dust.

    Also, I like my bookshelf to hold all of my favorites, not just anything I've read. If it's a book I may re-read (which is a rare thing) then it goes on the bookshelf.

    I can't afford a library of brand new books when I read over 100 a year. I take books out of the library mostly, pick some up at yard sales and thrift stores and only occasionally buy (at Harleysville Books) as a treat. I don't care if my books are new.


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