Sunday, August 29, 2010

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Favorite Childhood TV Series

Wow. This was one of mall time favorite shows. I think I remember watching it with my uncle when I got home from school- I just loved all the characters. I still remember the theme song....

I watched The Rugrats when I was really small and still loved it as I got older. I have all the movies, my favorite being Rugrats in Paris, and I have all the books!

So these shows were huge in my school- and I loved them too. I can still remember the theme song to Hey Arnold! All my friends and I would talk about Recess the next day at school if we weren't watching it together!

So I loved this show too, but unlike all the other shows above, I was liek the only one who liked it! I remeber I cried one day when my mom picked me up from school because some kids were making fun of me for watching Dexter's Laboratory. :-(

So this is more like a "tween" show, but I couldn't not think about being a kid and not mention Lizzie McGuire!

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