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Bloodrose by Andrea Cremer Review

From Goodreads: Calla has always welcomed war.

But now that the final battle is upon her, there's more at stake than fighting. There's saving Ren, even if it incurs Shay's wrath. There's keeping Ansel safe, even if he's been branded a traitor. There's proving herself as the pack's alpha, facing unnamable horrors, and ridding the world of the Keepers' magic once and for all. And then there's deciding what to do when the war ends. If Calla makes it out alive, that is. In this remarkable final installment of the Nightshade trilogy, international bestselling author Andrea Cremer crafts a dynamic novel with twists and turns that will keep you breathless until its final pages.

Rating: 4/5

Plot: 4.5/5

Characters: 5/5

Ending: 4.5/5

I rushed right into this book, needing to find out what happened after Calla brings Ren back to the Searcher's in Italy. I'm a Team Ren member and gained a lot of satisfaction from Calla rescuing him. The old Calla is finally back after her departure from the last book. In my review of Wolfsbane, if you didn't see it, I had some complaints. She becomes her alpha wolf and forces the love triangle between her, Shay, and Ren to become second to their mission to finish the Elemental Cross and destroy the Wraiths and, essentially, the Keepers.

The story is fast-paced as usual, because the Searchers have to work fast. Ren and Adne are also able to meet and start to develop a relationship--one of many relationships that get to develop! There's a lot of action and I loved reading about the adventures and new information the pack and the Scion gets to learn about their world. One of the only reasons I stuck with reading the last book, besides curiosity, was all the great information we got about The Keepers and the pack.

I was surprised and amused, gaps in stories and actions are close up, and felt closer to the characters a lot more in this book. Ren is more dimensional and most other characters' lives and actions are given explanations. Call is as confused as ever but as the end of the book nears, her feelings become more clear. Bloodrose is a huge step up from Wolfsbane, for me and very, very engrossing and emotional. I don't think it's really because of any major flaw, but the story changes so rapidly that it's hard for the readers emotions to catch up.


I think Cremer created the love between Calla and Ren so well that their love isn't seperate or different enough to the love of Calla and Shay. Yes, she "had" to be with Ren but her feelings were real, she even admits that. Honestly, I think she could have gotten away with choosing either one of her guys and it would have made sense.


I think it was a little convenient that Ren and Shay are both alpha males and Calla doesn't want to hurt Ren because she knows she's already made her decision, and then he is killed. I'm glad he died fighting Emile and that Calla had such a strong reaction to it. It was very touching. It was also very conveneient, but nice, that the wolves got to become wolves and basically not deal with all the pain and deal with living in new world.

I was very shocked though, that 1) The Searched knew that the pack would be destroyed of their human lives and yet they carried on 2) the pack seemed to accept it so easily and 3) Shay was Scion and a wolf.

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