Thursday, February 24, 2011

So I Kinda Messed Up My Post Scheduling Yesterday

My Discussion Wednesday was supposed to go up yesterday but it didn't :-( And I don't want to post it now because it's Thursday. It'd be a little weird to me. So I thought I'd just have a discussion.......

So I reviewed Sing Me To Sleep by Angela Morrison and loved it! It was such a great, well-written book. I wanted to talk about some review I've read of this book. Some people say the love triangle between Beth, Derek, and Scott is too convenient and that Derek is an Edward and Beth is a Bella. No way. I love Twilight, but Bella was a little bit...manipulated by Edward. But Beth is not that girl. She's strong, espically because she's survived being teased and humiliated because of her looks. I don't know how anyone can say she's a girly, teenage heroine. And Derek does seem, justa little bit toward the middle-end of the book, controlling but once you learnt he truth of his illness you see why he acted that way. I have complete support for both of them!

Scott. Oh, Scottie. I loved him also, but I did have a few problems with him. First, he supposedly loves Beth. Okay. But he doesn't tell her until she comes back and I know he was probably humilated because she turned him down like it was nothing so many times but really. I think if I wasn't biased, because I'm having teenage-boy troubles, I would've like Scott a little bit more but he was only acting that way because he was jealous. I did think highly of him though for stcking with Beth through her "Beast" phase but I don't understand why he was so upset when she started to change. Because she was unhappy? He was afraid he'd lose her? I don't know...

Lastly, the neding. So so so sad. I loved Beth and Derek together and I was so sad and upset when she ended up with Scott and said they could be together because of him....It just seemed twisted and wrong somehow.

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