Thursday, January 13, 2011

Question Thursday (3)

I created this meme because sometimes I'm curious as to what other bloggers think of blogging and how their personalty reflects their blog by their personal life. I love blogging about book but sometimes you need a little advice or a break. So every Thursday I'll ask a question and you can answer in the comments. Hopefully, if it catches on, I'll add a Mister Linky so you can do your own posts.

This week's question: Where do you draw the line on your blog considering language and content?

Sometimes I think adults who might read my blog will get offended my some of the language I use sometimes but that's me and I my blog is not just about books, it mostly is, but not always. Everytime I'm about to do a post non-book related I get nervous because I don't know if people will think: WTF? I thought this was a book blog! But I'm still trying to figure this whole blog thing out...


  1. I like to consider my blog to be somewhat of a profession. Not that I'm getting paid in any sort of traditional sense. I just feel like my blog is a way to connect with other professionals and share opinions on books. With my reviews, I keep them clean, because reviews are meant for distribution to a wide audience and I want to come across as a professional.

    And I don't post many personal posts, but if I do or if I have a very very strong opinion on something, I may slip in some emphasis words here and there.

    Basically: I'm not going to talk on my blog the way I would with my friends. I may be a potty mouth sometimes in real life, but I don't know if I want the blogging community to see me that way.

    Then again, some bloggers out there do what they like, and that's part of their charm. It just depends on the type of person you are and how you want to come across to your readers. Which is also very important: consider who is reading your blog.

    Hope that helps :)


  2. I agree partly with Jane (above). As I try to have my blog be somewhat professional I dont want the language to be off putting. As to others, I dont actually care if I see it in other blogs and such, I dont think I really even notice language in others writing to be honest.

    However, I am quite chatty on my blog. I'm not out to change the world or even pretend that my words have much impact. I have been told I am entertaining so I guess that is what I Strive for.


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