Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Halloween Dilemma

My first Halloween Dilemma is whether or not to trick-or-treat. I'm honestly not into it-besides for all the free chocolate!! I'm 16 years old and I know people trick-or-treat older than me but it makes me feel uncomfrotable, like I'm creeping on little kids. Even if I don't dress up though, I'll be walking my almost 2-year old sister around with my 14-year old sister. So it's like...why not? Maybe I'll just put on colorful stockings and carry a bag and see if people give me candy. ;-)

One dilemma solved, one to go. I'm a huge tv fan. I love ABC Family's 13 Days of Halloween but AMC and TNT and all these other channels always have great marathons on. I'm usually a Halloween Marathon person on AMC but I'm not sure. They're classics and I'd feel wrong not to watch cause it's the only time I watch them. And they're great! My mom, and sometimes my sister, and I make the room dark and make popcorn and eat lots of junk food. Plus, there's an Law & Order: SVU marathon on tomorrow that I cannot miss! Even if I've seen all the epsodes at least 4 times...

Doesn't it sound like I already have my mind made up?

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