Saturday, September 11, 2010

Song Stuck In My Head Saturday (2)

This new meme I created is so aptly named because it's basically just a showcase of what song has been stuck in my head recently. This is the second one I've done and I'm so excited about it! Next to books, music is my faorite thing. And don't we all always have a song stuck in our head? One that won't just come out. Especially the annoying songs you don't even like! Maybe this will be some sort of therapy and rid your head of the song....who knows.
If you want to partcipiate in this meme, there aren't really any rules besides crediting me. God, I hate saying that, but it has to be done....

This week I didn't listen to too much music but it seemed like everytime I put on music videos or the radio Paramore's The Only Exception was always on! And, for the second week in a row, I love the song stuck in my head:


  1. Very pretty song, I love this one too =)

  2. I love Paramore's entire Brand New Eyes (let's not lie, anything they do actually) c.d. but that is a great single!


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